Dameisha China Innovation Forum

First launched in 2014 and rapidly growing into the flagship event of the SZIDI, the Da Meisha China Innovation Forum aims to construct a high-level exchange platform to stimulate wider public discussions on China’s reform and institutional innovation.

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  • The Ruling Logic of the Communist Party of China

    Editor's notes: As the Communist Party of China will hold its 19th National Congress in 2017, Mr. Zheng examined the ruling logic of the CPC and its social and economic implications. He also offered his views on how the CPC can move forward following the 19th National Congress.

  • The Switch from “Education for Development” to “Education for Happiness”

    Editor's notes: With its roots in a philosophy that values grades rather than the individual talents and creativity, the current education system in South Korea, though producing the largest number of university graduates proportionally, has certain drawbacks. Mr. Moon provided a thorough evaluation of the Korean education system and redefined how happiness can be realized in a healthy education system.

  • Innovation-driven Development and Change of Perception

    There have been hustles and bustles on China’s slowing economic growth. Professor Li first identified the growth pattern of China’s economy. In comparison between the period of industrialization and the information era that we are in today, he pinpointed the importance of a different mindset. Further, Professor Li exemplified the necessity to look beyond economic development.

  • Improvement in Public Governance Structure: the Foundation of the Sound Development of China’s Capital Market

    We know that China’s capital market is still a new market compared with others in developed countries. Yet being new does not necessarily mean it is less mature, as forms of market development varies and we could develop in a much better way by building on the achievements of others. However we need to see that there are still some issues to be solved.

  • Challenges and Opportunities for regional economic architecture

    Editor's notes: The negotiations and ratifications of the two regional trade agreements, TPP and RCEP have captured wide attention. Ms. Cutler aspires that such mega trade agreements can significantly strengthen regional economic integration and lead to an increase in regional economc growth, jobs, trade and investment, and provide an important vehicle and externalforce for needed domestic reforms


November 3, 2016 Thursday

08:00-23:00 Registration

19:00-20:00 Welcome Dinner

Morning November 4, 2016 Friday

09:00-12:30 Opening Plenary

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon November 4, 2016 Friday

14:00-17:30 Parallel Sessions

Ⅰ:China’s Reform Forum

Ⅱ:China’s Financial Reform Forum

Ⅲ:China Economist Forum

Ⅳ:Innovations in Science and Technology Forum

Ⅴ:Legal Innovation Forum

Ⅵ:Social Innovation Forum

18:00-19:00 Dinner Break

19:00-21:30 Parallel Nightcap Talks

Media Leadership Dialogue

International Think Tank Dialogue

Morning November 5, 2016 Saturday

09:00-12:00 Parallel Sessions

Ⅶ:Forum on Global Views and China’s Economy

Ⅷ:Forum on Reform & Development of SOEs

Ⅸ:Forum on China’s Education Reform

Ⅹ:China’s Reform Forum (Cont)

Ⅺ:Innovations in Science and Technology Forum (Cont)

Ⅻ:China’s Financial Reform Forum (Cont)

12:00-14:00 Lunch Break

Afternoon November 5, 2016 Saturday

14:30-15:30 Press Q&A

16:00 Group Visit to Shenzhen Innovation and

Development Institute

18:30 Evening Reception at SZIDI















2014 年11 月7 日(星期五)下午

14:00-17:30 分论坛一:司法体制改革与法治中国建设

14:00-17:30 分论坛二:互联网与国家治理

08:30-10:30 分论坛九:传统文化与现代文明的融合

14:00-17:30 分论坛三:新时期反腐与党建

14:00-15:40 分论坛四:特区与新区:新时期改革创新的地位与作用

15:50-17:30 分论坛五:混合所有制与国企改革

2014 年11 月8 日(星期六)

08:30-10:30 分论坛六:世界格局中的中国

08:30-10:30 分论坛七:中国政治改革与国家治理现代化

08:30-10:30 分论坛八:变革时代的金融创新

14:00-17:30 分论坛三:新时期反腐与党建

08:30-10:30 分论坛九:传统文化与现代文明的融合

08:30-10:30 分论坛十:科技创新活力何在

08:30-10:30 分论坛十:科技创新活力何在

08:30-10:30 分论坛十:科技创新活力何在


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