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About us

Founded in July 2013, the Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute (SZIDI) is a non-profit research organization. We take pride in our position as a leading Chinese non-governmental think tank promoting reforms and innovations in China. Located in Shenzhen, SZIDI is devoted to producing high-quality research, and offering theoretical support and practical advices to the civil society, the government and businesses.


Constructive——Raise constructive suggestions and become a positive driving force for the reforms and innovations in China.

Independent——Maintain a strong sense of objectivity and independence in its research and activities.

Collaborative——Provide an open platform and environment that coordinates and integrates a wide variety of resources, both governmental and non-governmental, to contribute to the reforms and innovations in China.


The SZIDI is dedicated to mobilizing policymakers, entrepreneurs, social groups, academia and the general public to produce critical policy analysis and advice on local policy issues, and to become an integral part of the local reform and innovations in Shenzhen. At the national level, the SZIDI collaborates with leading scholars in a wide range of policy areas in order to deliver constructive and effective reviews and suggestions on the implementation of the national reform agenda. With China’ s growing presence in the international community, the SZIDI is also actively seeking cooperation with foreign public policy think tanks and research institutions. The SZIDI endeavors to better present the Chinese narrative of development, reform and innovation to the international audience.

Address:7th Floor, International Internet Finance Pioneer Park,
No.1 Taohua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

大梅沙论坛 深圳研究院

Dameisha China Innovation Forum Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute