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What is an Effective Housing System?

Author: Source: Date:2019-04-24
The goal of Shenzhen’s housing system should 
 1 guarantee housing for all, regardless of income level, education background, etc.
 2 satisfy basic housing needs,
 3 striking a balance between the income level of low-to-middle income group and the price of indemnificatory housing 
 4 establish two independent markets, including
 5 an open commercial housing market
 6 a closed indemnificatory housing market
 7 be implemented steadily

Zhang suggests that Shenzhen should make further adjustments in housing reform, including
 1 availing indemnificatory housing to non-registered permanent residents, of which 9 million fall into low-to-middle income group
 2 setting the selection criteria for indemnificatory housing based on income level and household assets rather than education background
 3 basing the indemnificatory housing price on the purchasing capacity of the low-to-middle income group rather than comparison with commercial housing price
 4 adopting monetary subsidies
 5 government renting, purchasing or reconstructing villages in the city to construct more public rental housing
 6 encouraging low-to-middle income group to rent rather than purchase indemnificatory housing units
 7 separating the indemnificatory housing market from commercial housing market
 8 abolishing the policy that allows or encourages public institutions to build self-serving indemnificatory housing units
 9 clearing the clouds over the designated constructor of indemnificatory housing units
 10 evaluating the effectiveness of the housing provident fund system and establishing a more effective housing financing policy