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Academician Zhen Chongli Talked about the Hydrogen Energy Industry: China Stands a Chance to Lead the World in a Short Time

Author: Source: Date:2021-05-21

On the morning of May 13, the second lecture of the Science and Technology Innovation Lecture Series jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute, Boyan Graduate School of Business and Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation was successfully held.

The Science and Technology Innovation Lecture Series is an open forum of high standards, focusing on cutting-edge technology trends around the world, national strategic emerging industries in China, and scientific and technological innovation topics that are concerned by all sectors of society. To meet the needs of industrial development in Shenzhen, the lecture series invites Academicians and scientists from all around the world who have made outstanding contributions in scientific and technological innovation to share the developments, innovations, trends and prospects in related fields, in order to promote in-depth communication of scientific research and industrial development and enhance the technological innovation atmosphere in Shenzhen and even the whole country. The lectures are given in Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute which is located in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone for Technology and Innovation - the forefront of technological innovation in Shenzhen.

Mr. Zhen Chongli, member of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, dean of the UNSW China Advanced Technology Industrial Research Institute(CATIRI), gave a speech on Hydrogen Energy Industry: Innovation Models and Prospects and shared his views on the current development of hydrogen energy industry in terms of background of implementation, industrial chain, innovation model and the prospects of the hydrogen energy industry. Zhen believes that although China has not yet occupied a dominant position in the global hydrogen energy competition, due to China's strong scientific research capabilities, wide range of hydrogen energy business application scenarios, active implementation of national plans by the government, and high enthusiasm for the application of new technologies by enterprises, China definitely stands a chance in becoming a world leader in a short time.

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