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China Reform Report 2017

Author: Source: Date:2018-05-10
Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute (SZIDI) released the China Reform Report 2017 in May 2018. Entitled Reform on Route, this year’s report evaluates twelve major aspects of the reform process in 2017, concludes reform experiences from the past five years and makes predictions on the future trend of reform in 2018 with ten policy recommendations. The report identifies 2017 as a crucial year during which series of planning and design culminate into implementation, and historical breakthroughs and periodical progresses rise to the surface.

The report goes through the works of comprehensively deepening reform in the past five years, including establishing a strong and effective mechanism in policymaking, implementation and surveillance, advancing reform top-level design, drafting the roadmap and schedule for reform, promoting the Five-in-one reform and prioritizing reforms in key areas contributing to the strategic mapping of comprehensively deepening reform.

The report suggests that there should be adjustments and improvements in government strategies and modes of operation in the context of the New Era. The report offers ten policy recommendations in economic, political, cultural, social and environmental areas, including
1 Adhering to the basic line for the primary stage of socialism to take a right direction for the national development and comprehensively deepening reform campaign
2 Shifting the supply-side structural reform from tackling symptoms to addressing the roots to achieve rebalance in the national economy in the medium-to-long term
3 Making breakthroughs in the mixed-ownership reform to systematically advance the three-in-one reform of the mechanism, structure and monopoly of state-owned enterprises and capital
4 Comprehensively reviewing the existing fiscal and tax systems, with an emphasis on easing regulation, achieving fairness; Accelerating the development of basic fiscal and tax systems
5 Accelerating reform and liberalization in financial sector through controlling and eliminating major 'points of risks’ to mitigate systemic financial risks
6 Boosting confidence in the judicial reform and taking substantive steps forward in creating a society ruled by law
7 Further liberating the mind to allow for new breakthroughs in land reform and promote a second wave of emancipation of productive forces in rural areas
8 Making the accessibility of primary education and basic health care the key part of social sector reform, in order to enhance citizens' sense of national identity
9 Creating a market environment for fair competition and achieving new breakthroughs in cultural institutional reform
10 Adhering to the market-driven economy and making good use of market mechanisms to achieve institutional innovations in the ecological civilization development

Excerpts in English:

Experiences from the comprehensively deepening reform in the past five years

10 proposals for further deepening reform

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