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Outline of Shared Development in Shenzhen

Author: Source: Date:2017-08-31
Shenzhen has outpaced most of Chinese cities to realize the goal of building a moderately well-off society by 2020 set by the central government, with its GDP per capita in 2015 reached to 158,000 RMB (25,400 USD). Then what directions of social and economic development will Shenzhen follow? How will Shenzhen suit itself within the context of the comprehensively deepening reform? These are the critical questions that Shenzhen needs to address at the new starting point.

From Deng Xiaoping’s vision of “Common Prosperity” to President Xi Jinping’s idea of “promoting fair-sharing in a firm and solidly manner”, to the ideal of “shared development” set out in the 13th Five-Year Plan, the government’s determination to improve people’s livelihood and welfare is evident.

The Shenzhen Innovation and Development Institute (SZIDI) initiated the project and published the Outline for Shared Development in Shenzhen in response to Shenzhen’s reality and the government’s determination. The Outline proposes the goal to shift the city’s priority from rapid and healthy economic growth to common prosperity with which every resident can enjoy the benefits of development. It starts by identifying the achievements of the Reform and Opening-up policies as well as problems surfaced along the way in terms of shared development. It goes on illustrating the vision, 20 policy recommendations and 5 relevant measures to enforce. The Outline is  a proposal to the government elaborating suggestions on reforms for fair-sharing and inclusive development. It is also a white paper to express our expectations for the city’s future to the public. 

Excerpt of the Outline of Shared Development in Shenzhen